Mar 20 • 46M

UFC 286 Reactions & UFC San Antonio Picks | Care/Don’t Care Podcast

Sorry cry babies! It’s time for another of our infamous and patented Care/Don’t Care Podcasts, with your talent: Eugene S. Robinson, John S. Nash, & Stephie Haynes...


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June M. Williams
Nate Wilcox
Stephie Haynes
INDEFINITELY CANCELLED. Please subscribe to our substack today to help our podcast team be able to produce new content in the future. | UFC Post-Fight Reactions for the Last Event & UFC Preview QuickPicks for the Upcoming Event | Talent: Eugene S. Robinson & John S. Nash. Moderator: Stephie ‘Crooklyn’ Haynes | Airs: Event Week Mondays 8/5AM ETPT | In the event the show returns in time it will be with an entirely new format and team of hosts. Thank you all for listening over the years!
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It’s time for another one of our infamous and patented Care/Don’t Care Podcasts’, with your talent: the astounding Eugene S. Robinson, author of the Eugene S. Robinson Substack, the upcomingA Walk Across Dirty Water and Straight Into Murderer’s Row: A Memoir”, & the ‘Fight Book’, Fight: Everything You Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking But Were Afra…

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