Sep 18 • 23M

Sean Strickland the bright spot against restraining orders, mass layoffs & other disappointments

Kid Nate is back in the bunker, joined by his trusty attack dog, and he's got some things on his mind.

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Welcome to the glorious return of 'THE MMA BUNKER' with 'Kid' Nate Wilcox to the Bloody Elbow Podcast Network; and he is more than ready to rant about the world of MMA after his long hiatus from the airwaves! | We hope to bring you a Bunker episode once a month, with additional features under the 'MMA Tête-À-Tête' moniker where Nate welcomes guests into the bunker for candid one-on-one interviews. Be sure to subscribe to this section, so you get a notification when it hits the airwaves.
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It’s been a busy news cycle since the last time our fearless leader broadcasted from the command center bunker, but he’s back, fighting through Covid to bring you the news that’s got him hot under the collar. He’s even joined by his trusty attack dog, Preston, who clearly sensed ominous forces nearby. This week’s episode is 100% FREE. Two things precipi…

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