May 17 • 12M

Endeavor's Suffocation Strategy | MMA Media Interview

MMA Tête-À-Tête Podcast with 'Kid Nate' Wilcox — Ep. 07


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June M. Williams
Nate Wilcox
Stephie Haynes
Welcome to the glorious return of 'THE MMA BUNKER' with 'Kid' Nate Wilcox to the Bloody Elbow Podcast Network; and he is more than ready to rant about the world of MMA after his long hiatus from the airwaves! | We hope to bring you a Bunker episode once a month, with additional features under the 'MMA Tête-À-Tête' moniker where Nate welcomes guests into the bunker for candid one-on-one interviews. Be sure to subscribe to this section, so you get a notification when it hits the airwaves.
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Tête-à-tête (French “head-to-head”): noun – a private conversation between two people, usually in an intimate setting. | adjective – involving or happening between two people in private. | adverb – between two people in private

'Kid Nate' is BACK!

The MMA Tête-à-tête/MMA Bunker/MMA Bathrobe review is back after a nine-year hiatus, ‘Kid’ Nate Wilcox is rev…

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